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Hayden Karnitz
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Hayden Karnitz too drunkk to care
hope the rest is as good as the first song because i don;'t know

i think it will be; idiot

it is
Dakota Helbig
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Dakota Helbig It's nice to hear a band that manages to capture the math rock sound without any overly complicated tapping or needlessly intricate rhythms. Favorite track: Hugh Jackman/Gene Hackman.
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Released on Ocelot Records in October of 2015

alex miller: vocals, bass, guitar
mike searcy: guitar, bass
evan lord: drums

in memory of kenny mcgregor
recorded and mixed by keith gentile at labyrinth audio
mastered by nick zampiello at new alliance east
all songs written and performed by idle pilot
ocelot records or-008


released October 14, 2015


all rights reserved



Idle Pilot Massachusetts

usually loud but also sometimes quiet post-whatever three piece out of lowell, massachusetts.

we want to play your basement.

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Track Name: A Closet For Derek
a closet for derek

on his knees, he'll say a prayer
to keep all the flies out from his modest meal
awkward and strained, i bet they can tell
he's mouthing the words just like everyone else
glory be! they'll shake his hand
and feel the loose grip of a dishonest man
what a strange futile attempt to toss wishes into an endless well

and there is a closet for derek
to keep his things from broken to useless
and they might be stolen from you
but you'll waste your time trying to prove it

don't close your eyes
open your eyes
he'll claw your eyes
for us, for me, for you
Track Name: Venues
we used to hear those bells
they used to lead us away
now every time they ring
it only helps us keep time
but they don't ring so loud

gather 'round, gather 'round
this old amplifier
a drum kit as an altar
three hail mary's and seven decibals
gather 'round! gather 'round!
these cracked speakers
three hail mary's and seven decibals
one our father and four beats per measure

kneel down, stand up, sit down
hallelujah smoke up
kneel down, stand up, sit down
hallelujah drink up

the sound guy cries aloud
while he twists and turns his knobs
a girl cries out something
unheard from the bar
this is all we've got
to show for our
petty sins, tonight
but it's not that easy to see
what we wanted to be
i can't recall it's name
but it sounds so clear
i can't recall it's name
Track Name: Hugh Jackman/Gene Hackman
our city's built with gold
but the streets are lined with graves
for those who aren't so good at adapting to change
priorities are straight, distractions and display
of spectacles so grand to keep the shroud wrapped so tight

a show's about to begin, orchestrated for you
don't let your eyes stray too far from here
this is what we need you to see

dear leader makes a request
the council jumps to it's feet
oh such a pointless request

cry wolf again
while the rest all starve
idle threats in passing
well, i won't mind
Track Name: A Stranger in The Alps
curled up like a snake
about to pounce on it's prey
but it's not enough
to take it back
not soon enough
go wipe that dumb grin
right off your face like a stain
but it's not enough
to take it back
not soon enough

end points are useless when you can't see
vision are not so bad when you sleep
turn around but you can't turn it off
take a bow but you can't take it off

shapes and sounds
floating around your head
and this won't end too soon

piss down on me
rain down on you
but it's all in your mind

wake up to find yourself in a new place
wake up in time to find your life has gone by
Track Name: Build Ups
i assert my right to live like garbage
halitosis with a chip on my shoulder
i'm biting nails down to the bone, then melt away
a bloody shirt tells stories that a mouth won't

complete strangers on the street have been looking at me a bit weird lately
come to think of my friends have been a bit weary, too
i'm really not quite sure if it's the scars, the marks, the stare, or the blood
but i'm really at a loss what i should do
and this will happen again

this town is not what it once was
covered in dust and rust and musk and maybe we just got it all wrong
we only dream of torn flesh now
crawling, growling, fighting, and biting i'm pretty sure we got it all wrong
we got it wrong

i kept walking down the road a bit farther to find a place to calm my nerves
so i took a seat down at the peer
i was just trying to enjoy my food when i felt many sharp stings in my back
and im really not sure what i should do

lay down and wait it out til it's alright
besides you won't miss your eyes
Track Name: Money Trail Mix
one time you were a snake in the grass
one time you were a lover in the past
but that's done

don't fix it up
save it for the mice
build it, break it, just don't fix it up
it's not what we want, but it's close enough
it's not what we thought, but it's close enough
it's not illegal, but it's close enough

buy yourself time
to cover up the crime
we already tapped the line
cannot get it clean, it's dirty money
exchanging from cold hands to mine, it's dirty money
funding the slums and all the slime, it's dirty money
but we just cannot get it clean

take a look around
it's all funded through me
but that's okay let's take the bait
and sink the ship
Track Name: One Day I Will Be Bee King
chained to a lie
don't even try
this is a swan song of a generation
two clicks and one swipe down, your concious clear
oh joy for such graciousness with intent
too bad it's all just for show, what a shame

change before our eyes
don't even try
Track Name: Shit Outta' Luck
he walked out the door with a sad plan
to erase the one's he loved in a fell swoop
when he looked up to the sky it was so bright

make it up again, make your self up and
find another past, find another present
take it off again, take off your clothes and
wallow in your filth, wallow in your pitty

the crashing waves of the sea
and mounds of trash piled to our feet
it's all we've got
the sludge and guts of our own
it's such a waste, we must atone
it's all we've got
don't look back now

nostalgia is a really odd thing
when you've got no good memories
in that thick skull
and he still laughed too himself
it was alright

everything is fine, everything's alright

when he walked inside
his blood ran cold
at the sight of those
who had become ghosts
when it's all been said
and it's all been done
what the fuck are we gonna do?

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